Free CSRD Helper Tool

Figure out when your company has to submit their first CSRD report. In one minute. For free.

Due to the complexity of the CSRD timeline, we at Coreport have built a small tool for businesses like yours to figure out when you will have to report your first CSRD report. And best thing is, it's free and only takes one minute to use. No strings attached. Just enter some basic information about your company and we will do the rest.

The data that is needed for the calculations is not collected by us and it does not ever leave your browser, all processing happens on your end.

We would although greatly appreciate if you shared our tool after you use it.

Please check the appropriate boxes below

Is your company based in the EU?

Is your company listed on an EU regulated stock exchange? (e.g. Euronext, Deutsche Börse)

Is your company an NFRD company?

Is your company a credit or insurance company?

Number of employees

Annual turnover

Total balance sheet

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